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Most people only remember locksmiths when in need of their services because nobody ever plans for a lockout, a broken key, jammed lock or a break. An emergency locksmith can save the situation be it a need for key replacement, retrieval or lock repair. Locksmith services in Calgary are available 24/7 just in case a need arises.

You might even need emergency locksmith services to solve a problem before it gets out of hand. We’re always on call to answer to such urgent needs. Our emergency locksmiths are always ready to rush to accident sites to access premises or cars to save a situation.

Lost or Locked-Up Keys

Loosing or locking keys inside a house or a car is a situation that one will hear of quite frequently. Our company is one of its kinds in Calgary that will dispatch a technician in a matter of minutes. A client can have their key retrieved without damaging the lock and in case of a lost key; a spare key is cut on site.

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Jammed locks

Locks are systems that are prone to malfunctions or get jammed. It is inconveniencing to have the right set of keys but cannot access the premise or car due to jammed locks. An emergency locksmith service might be the only solution as even a spare key might not help.

Our services are availed to the Calgary residents when they experience lock malfunctions. Forcing the lock to open might damage them further or even result in a broken key. Our technicians are able to retrieve a broken key from the lock without damaging them. You can get faulty locks repaired and maintained to prevent future malfunctions.

24 hour emergency locksmith in Calgary

Locksmith For Accidents

Not many people think of calling a locksmith company in case of fire, motor or any other accidents. Accidents occur at the least expected time and in most cases, there will be no available keys to access the premise. When they are there, it might be difficult to use them.
A Locksmith can save the day as it’s just a matter of minutes and the locks will be opened for rescuers to access the premise or the car. Emergency locksmiths are always ready to answer to a distress call in case of accidents and other emergencies. Recovery companies, firemen, the police and other rescue teams know how a locksmith’s service can save a situation.

It is more important to us when people’s safety and convenience, as well as property security are guaranteed. Our Emergency Locksmiths are mobile; they reach clients wherever they are in Calgary to offer help. If you’re in need of our services, provide us with full details of your location and the situation for us to dispatch a suitable technician.

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