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Calgary Commercial Locksmith Services

Calgary residents definitely need the services of commercial locksmiths knowledgeable, technologically advanced and dedicated to serving. Commercial locks are more advanced and a residential locksmith may be challenged to service them.

We offer commercial locksmith services to commercial establishments such as factories, hospitals, office complexes, institutions, warehouses, banks, stores, and shops. A government establishment, institution or business is an asset, hence its safety and protection are critical.

Our business locksmiths take care of all sorts of locking system issues. We offer the following commercial locksmith services in Calgary, Canada:

Security and Safety

Commercial locksmith services are required to enhance the safety and security of commercial establishments. Our company has locksmiths that work with other security control measures to safeguard property, staffs, and customers. Security cannot be based on locks only and our professional locksmiths understand that well. They don’t interfere with other systems in your premises.

Security threats are not only external but can be internal too. Our commercial locksmiths offer lock control within commercial establishments. We might also recommend a change of locks or rekeying after staff changeover

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Business Keys Made In Calgary

A lockout is inconveniencing and annoying. But, in a commercial establishment, it can lead to loss of money and trust. Locks are systems which can be jammed and also humans can lock in the keys. Our commercial locksmiths can save the situation because you cannot keep waiting outside forever.

Our company has professional locksmiths that solve all kinds of lockouts, be it a premise or a safe. The service is delivered to a client’s site and within the least time possible. Commercial locks are expensive, hence it can be a waste to keep changing them whenever there is staff turnover.

Re-coding a security system and getting a new set of keys eliminates unwanted access. In case of a burglary, lock re-code can prevent the intruders from breaking back in your business premise. Our company is professional in lock security and is better placed to advice on the best action to be taken.

You may not know whether you need a lock change or a re-code, but a professional locksmith offers the best solutions to such issues.

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Calgary’s #1 Commercial Master Key Locksmith

Cutting a master key is one of the areas we are perfect in. A business owner or an establishment’s manager does not have to carry a bunch of keys to access different locations. Our technicians can cut a master key to eliminate the need to carry many keys and the confusion that comes with it.

The availability of a master key improves employee’s performance, loyalty, and transparency, as they cannot engage in shady business practices without getting noticed.

A business, institution or an establishment requires a complete security service provider. Our company has competent staff you can consult on various security measures you can adopt. Our commercial locksmiths can install, repair, replace, service and maintain all kinds of commercial locks.

We’re certified and licensed to offer high quality locksmith services in Calgary. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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